Thank you for coming to my Resume Website.   I love helping people and I love coming up with creative solutions.   I have a dynamic combination of Business, Creative, Technical, Analytical, and Interpersonal skills.   I am a Level 5 Leader (w/MBA) that takes a Total Systems Approach to Develop Creative Long-Term Solutions and Build Teams.   Small Business and Non-Profit Consultant - Marketing, OD, Business Strategist & Analyst; Systems Engineering Scientist, Director of Technology, Website Developer, Writer, and Project Manager - That's me, plus more.

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My Values

I love helping people.

I love solving problems by developing creative solutions.

I love sharing my insight with others.

I love sharing my positive outlook with others.

I love to make people's lives easier.

I love to make people smile.

If you look at the Level 5 Leadership page, the About Me, and the Positive Psychology page, you can see that the values above are consistent with all of the other information that I have presented here. I am a pretty easy going person and enjoy life. I like discovering new places, trying new things, and meeting new people. I focus on what is important (people) and don't sweat the small stuff (it's all small stuff). I love learning and discovering and creating new things. My yoga, mett√Ętation, and meditation practice help keep me grounded, positive, and happy. I volunteer with the Holy Cow Karma Crew and we've helped at the Low Country Food Bank, at the soup kitchen, Cleaning the beach, at Charleston Therapeutic Riding, and with Habitat for Humanity to name a few.

And above all things - friends and family, especially my 2 wonderful nieces.


Steven Dietrich

Here is my current 2015 Resume and Cover Letter.

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This is what I can do for you.
But what's most important is not any individual thing, but the combination of all of these things.

Project Management

Project Management

Project Management and Support. I've led many cross-functional teams throughout my career. Effectively communicating and motivating others toward a common goal have been two of the keys to my success as a project manager.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Change management. I love working with teams to develop and implement new programs that lead to long-term positive organizational development. Developing new programs and procedures to help create a better future for everyone.

Small Business Consulting

Small Business and Non-Profit Consulting

Dietrich Designs And Solutions - we do almost everything. Marketing, Advertisting, Organizational Development, Project Management and Suppport, Business Strategy and Development. I love bringing my experience and insight to new clients to help them succeed.

Total Systems Approach

Total Systems Approach

Balancing the big picture with the details, the short-term crisis with the long-term impact. Integrating business with technology, marketing with engineering, research and development with manufacturing. Being able to look at the market and see opportunities. Understanding what is and creating a Vision of what can be.

Level 5 Leadership

Level 5 Leadership

A Level 5 Leader is a person who focuses on the team, on the project, not on their potential gains from taking on a leadership role. Someone who puts the project, the team, before themselves. These types of leaders produce the best results not only in terms of output, but in terms of team performance and employee job satisfaction.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology - Positive Leadership

Positive Psychology is a passion of mine. Helping people to be happy and to flourish and to see things in a different life is the most rewarding work I do. My positive attitude is contagious and I'm always looking focusing on solutions, not problems, because what is most important is not what happens to us but how we deal with it.



Can Creativity and Intuition be taught? Creativity can be your greatest resource. You must hire and nurture every talented and creative person you can find. Creatives will drive your business. They will see things that others can't, and create solutions when things seem impossible. This is an organizations most valuable asset.

Systems Engineering Scientist

Systems Engineering Scientist

Working with Research and Development, Manufacturing, Field Service. Effectively communicating with Scientists, Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Industrial Engineering to Design, Evaluate, and Develop the Advia:Centaur at Bayer. I completed the Risk Analysis (FTA/FMECA) on the blood analyzer for the FDA.

Website Development

Responsive Web Design

Fully Customized Responsive Websites. For many of my clients I develop WordPress websites and train them how to update and maintain them. For some it's fully customized, programmed HTML5/CSS3 websites with SEO.